Welcome to the E-Church page.

The E-membership was created for you who are unable to attend a physical church due to being physically or emotionally impaired. Regardless of the condition, we love you to life and we are praying your deliverance and power for the greater. We are excited to share this Spiritual Experience with you. Prepare and expect a life-changing encounter with God. He loves you unconditionally and wants nothing more than for you to experience His love, deliverance, and power.

Become an E-Member.

Are you seeking THE MORE; yet, not sure where or how to find it? Becoming an E-member is a great place to begin your due diligence. The Surge Center International Ministries does NOT consist of a group of PERFECT people; however, it DOES consist of a group of people who mark The Perfect One, our Lord, and Savior, Jesus Christ.
As an E-member, you will become a part of an uplifting and empowering group of people whom God loves and we love Him back. I gotta tell you, we have an agenda. That agenda is for you to physically come to a SCIM near you. That experience will supersede that of an e membership. Until then, we welcome you as an E-member.